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Steroid Maximus – “!Quilombo!”

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on April 2, 2008

whether or not you enjoy the majority of Jim Thirwell‘s work, there’s no denying the absolute genius of this project, particularly the title track (this track also leads off the also-excellent “Gondwanaland”, which I’ll make the next post if this one goes over well).

(removed by request)

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  1. Bruitiste said,

    Great stuff! Yes, I’d love to hear Gondwanaland, please.

  2. Adam said,

    Thanks for posting this. Been looking for a bit

  3. Jake Thee Pope said,

    JG Thirlwell can do no wrong! I even make it a point to listen to some of the remixes he does of artists’ work I normally wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about.

    Great post.

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