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Marc Ribot – “Shrek”

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on March 12, 2008

despite sharing the same name, I don’t think this particular Avant release has anything to do with that animated green ogre that my kids love so much. instead what we have here is another ensemble of downtown-NY musicians, containing pretty much all aspects of what that usually entails – aspects of improv/jazz, hints of no-wave, etc – as well as hints of cuban music. these divergent styles congeal into a sometimes-enjoyable, sometimes-meandering whole. most people will probably recognize Ribot best from his time with the Lounge Lizards, but his Wiki entry provides more detail as well as additional links if you’re so inclined. in the meantime, like most Avant releases this one is out-of-print and difficult to locate remaining copies of, so until/unless that changes,

here it is

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  1. Kevin said,

    Hey man. Thanks for continuously posting this excellent out-of print stuff. I’m always up for Ribot stuff that I haven’t heard yet.

    Cheers, Kevin

  2. Mogo said,

    by all means. enjoy. in fact, check back on Saturday for some more Ribot-related fun.

  3. toni said,

    Thanks! I bought this when i was child and i was totally afraid, I could not understand the music, my ears were not ready for this.
    I changed the cd in the store… years later i think was a mistake. Now its impossible to find it

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