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Pitchblende – “The Weed Slam” ep

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on December 27, 2007

this was (according to wiki) their second release overall, a 7″ that came out on Jade Tree about a year prior to their full-length debut, “Kill Atom Smasher” (which Fun With Earholes recently posted). anyway, we enjoyed that post so much that we decided to take a break from the barely-started Avant Records reposts and share this little gem. “real” activity probably won’t resume until the new year, so here’s a short but sweet holiday treat in the meantime.

get it here

(just for the record, although there appears to still be a “buy” link for this on the Jade Tree site, it just brings up an error message. I have a bit of trouble believing that a 15-year-old 7″ is actually still in print, but if it really is then I’ll be glad to remove this link)

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