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Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on December 17, 2007

so, apparently the owners of this one decided to take it down as well, or at least remove the posts. a bit of a weird move… I know that at least some of the people involved in that blog had been having reservations about posting in-print material… but to my knowledge, the label is defunct and the releases no longer in print… if someone is able to inform me otherwise, please do…

if I don’t hear otherwise, then I’ll most likely resume posts in the new year with the material I had picked up from that blog (not the whole catalog though, I’m afraid) – some of these records are too good to remain unavailable.

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  1. pantastic said,

    I’m super bummed about that, too. It went invite-only for a while, and now of course it’s empty. I was beyond excited about that project, and I submitted a few of my own, too, so I felt bad when I no longer had access (I didn’t get the invite). And yes, I think all of those albums are officially out of print. Avant/DIW went under a few years ago. There are a few copies still in stores, and I understand that Downtown Music Gallery in NYC has most of the remaining back stock, but once that’s gone, they’re totally gone.

    Church Number Nine seems to be invite-only now, too, and that was another favorite of mine. I’d sure like to get back in there…

  2. Mogo said,

    yeah it’s kind of a drag. I was a little annoyed about not getting invites to certain blogs as well, especially since I had such open lines of communications with the owners prior to the invite-only status…

    that being said, in light of your info re: remaining copies and backstock, I feel comfortable enough to start “resurrecting” some of those posts… I only have a handful of the Avant releases myself, so any contributions are welcome. get in touch with a list of what you have if you’re inclined to help out 🙂 thanks!!

  3. marshottentot said,

    Why not?
    I’m sure the line of thought is ‘some of these may get reissued on different labels’. But ‘may’ just ain’t good enough in my book!

  4. Mogo said,

    good point. I do plan to start with this in the New Year. things are still kind of hectic around here right now, so for the time being I’m in “only-fixing-old-links” mode

  5. Mogo said,

    I don’t know what to think… I checked it again and it seems to be “invite only” now… still doesn’t leave these albums available for the majority of us who aren’t “invited”… and the whole “invite” thing seems like a bit of an “elitist” move, although I can understand the motivation to an extent… I’m still weighing it, but I think I will ultimately move forward with my plans to put up more of this label in the new year…

  6. pantastic said,

    I’m not on the invite list, either. Argh. Mr. Lucky, whoever/wherever you are, let us in!

    If the “in print” thing is an issue, A few of them are in print, now that I think about it. The Naked City albums have all been remasted and reissued on Tzadik. And the Anton Fier album was reissued on Tzadik, too. That’s it for reissues as far as I know.

    Nice work on Dim Sum–I actually submitted that one, ha ha. I had one to go, the “Barhopping” album.

    Anyway, can you see my email in these replies? If you can, feel free to shoot me an email. It might be easiest on my end to just mail you a data CDR or three with all of them that I have (or all that you need). If you can’t see the email, let me know, and I’ll make another post with it. I don’t want to make it super public, though, so if you could just write it down and delete that comment, that would rock.

    It’ll probably take me a few weeks to get to it, though. I have a bunch of projects started, and now I have a really sick pet that’s complicating my schedule, too.

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