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West Coast No Wave (UJ3RK5, AKA, Monitor)

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on November 24, 2007

well, if there’s a silver lining to the demise of the first version of Spending Loud Night, it’s that Jake made it a little easier for me to decide what my own next posts would be. I enjoyed this handful of bands so much that I wanted to get them up here ASAP now that his posts are gone. sadly, these bands hadn’t entered my awareness prior to his posts and his info is gone… wiki turns up this page on UJ3RK5, but as I’m sure you can guess the other bandnames are a bit too generic to lead to anything useful via google. oh well, at least we still have the most important thing: the music itself. all of these bands are fantastic in their own right and without being too glib about it, anyone who enjoys No New York should consider this to be “No L.A.” (so to speak).

get it here

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  1. Go ahead and keep these man– I’ve got plenty o’ other tricks up my sleeve.

  2. tom said,

    hey, can you re-upload this? i’d really like to hear uj3rk5 and monitor.

  3. Mogo said,

    DL link replaced

  4. V ! said,

    Thank you! Its interesting to hear it from the other side. Im enjoying this one a lot!

  5. […] as “West Coast No Wave”. In fact, there was a release a few years back entitled “West Coast No Wave” featuring these three bands. And like these other bands, AKA are a really fun, upbeat listen […]

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