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Six Finger Satellite – “Paranormalized”

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on October 27, 2007

a little further into their output, this release sees an increase in the presence of harsher/more metallic guitar tones and a slight reduction of earlier “Devo-isms”… not that synths aren’t still present, but at this stage the band seemed to use them more prominently on “remix”-type releases like the “Clone Theory” 12″ (which I’ll eventually post if I ever get around to buying a working turntable)… speaking of vinyl, from what I can tell this particular album is only available from Sub Pop in that format, so the vinyl-impaired like myself can take advantage of the opportunity to

get it here

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  1. Mars said,

    These guys ruled the world for about ten minutes! I could have done without J. Ryan’s goofy subliminal fascism (which I won’t bore you with here), but live up in New England when they had their own sound man – WOW! Amazing stuff. When John MacLean split and was replaced by blues rocker Alex Minoff (ex Golden, later of Weird War) it was OVER.

    Easily my favorite record by these guys!

  2. Mars said,

    And there was a lot of Roland GR 707 guitar synth on this record. I tried to bond with Maclean over this after a show but he was DOPED TO THE GILLS…

  3. Mogo said,

    I only got to see them once, but it was after this record… at the Rivoli in Toronto, sandwiched between GodheadSilo and June of 44… pretty killer show as I recall. wasn’t so much into the gear back then though, so I don’t know what was what in their live rig at the time… just got thinking too, that gig might have even been where I picked up the “Clone Theory” 12″…

  4. Mars said,

    I saw them a few times and having their own sound guy made a HUGE difference. The guy mixed the bass sub dubby, had lots of well placed delay on the vox and drums, it just made for a memorable show. This opposed to seeing them with joe guitar rock at the board (with Minoff throwing useless blues licks in like.. ‘Simian Fever’ or some shit) ‘I see guitar – make louder than all else’. For Fushitsusha – appropriate. For 6FS – bad. Very bad.

  5. roger said,

    Thank you for a Great Post!!

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