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Terrorizer – “World Downfall”

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on October 24, 2007

for the old men like me this probably needs no intro… any o’ you younger whippersnappers in need of a history lesson, read here and listen…


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  1. Jon said,

    Wow, I love your blog! I’m a younger dudes that has never heard of Terrorizer. I impulsively DL’d this album after finding so many other goodies here: Altered States, Loop, Esplendor Geometrica, Chrome, Luciano Berio, Vooredoms, Pierre Henry, ANP, Caroliner, and many more. This album kills – just pure riffing, no wanky solos – this may trump Slayer’s “Seasons of The Abyss” as my favorite metal album.

    Many thanks for sharing all this great music.

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