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Altered States – two more

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on October 17, 2007

… when I posted Altered States’ Mosaic back in June, I said I’d post these as well if anyone asked for them. no one did. but since I’m pretty shitty about leaving comments/requests on the blogs I frequent, it only stands to reason that I’m not alone on that front. so maybe someone will appreciate these. or not. or, knowing my luck, they’ll already have been posted elsewhere. but even if that’s the case, it can’t posibly diminish their greatness. so, comment-shilling aside:

get “Live in Estonia” here

get “Plays Standards” part one here

get “Plays Standards” part two here

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  1. pantastic said,

    You can sure pull another comment out of me: I love this blog. You have seriously incredible taste in music. Thanks espeicially for the Omoide Hatoba–I’ve tried to order their discs for years, and never actually managed to get anything delivered. Very frustrating. But now at least I can hear the music, and it’s every bit as good as I anticipated! I’m a huge fan of the avant-prog/noise Japanese scene, and you’ve highlighted some seriously great and underappreciated albums. Huge props!

  2. djipi said,

    thanks a lot for all your post

  3. argo said,

    thanks for these. do you have Cafe 915 with ned rothenberg?
    your posts are just great.

  4. rinnesya said,

    Great, great & great ! Fantastic ! I’m researching the “Lithuania & Estonia live” album by Altered States + Otomo for a long time ! And today I find it ! You save me ! Thanx a lot ! (but why don’t you put the last title “Lithuania mix” ?)

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