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Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on October 14, 2007

keeping it simple today due to a lack of time and offering these two classics from Helios Creed and Damon Edge. a brief history and fairly apt description here in case you’re too young to remember the 80s… as for the music,

“Alien Soundtracks” is here

“Half Machine Lip Moves” is here

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  1. sevenpowers said,

    Seems that Mediafire has trashed this already 😦

  2. Mogo said,

    lame. “Half Machine Lip Moves” is still there… I’ll re-up with a different service ASAP.

  3. sevenpowers said,


  4. Yuzz said,

    I cannot believe it. I have been looking for Alien Soundtracks for years. My friends directed me to you site only a week ago and you have it.

    A thousand blessings upon you, you beautiful man

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