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Iao Core – “Funktionlust”

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on September 23, 2007

although there are various self-bios scattered about the net regarding this industrial/art collective, the one I found most recently does not seem to acknowledge this release… so I don’t really know the story behind it, but it’s an entertaining outing nonetheless.

get it here

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  1. Dave G said,

    I used to be in the band, and I don’t know the story behind it, either. Is this a real cd with a cover?

  2. Mogo said,

    what I have is a CD-R that someone sent me as part of a trade ages ago… couldn’t tell you what the source was… but I’m beginning to think I may have been misled (whether intentionally or not) about its contents…

  3. Dave G said,

    i listened to it, and it seems to be an alternate (demo?) version of the IaoCore “Armadillium Vulgarae” cd; i’ve mislaid my copy so can’t tell you how they differ exactly.

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