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Bipolar Bear/The Pope – split 10″

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on September 20, 2007

what we have here is a rare opportunity for me to share something recent that I’ve been enjoying that still isn’t available digitally. Bipolar Bear, at least judging by the tracks here, might be at home on the ThreeOneG label… meanwhile The Pope (who don’t seem to have an easily-detectable web presence) might be at home in the Load Records stable – at least in the sense that they’re a bass-and-drums duo with more than a passing resemblance to Lightning Bolt, even if such a comparison is lazy and easy to make. I’m enjoying this record immensely and, since it’s only available on vinyl and limited to 300 copies (scroll down), we present it digitally for the vinyl-impaired…

get it here

4 Responses to 'Bipolar Bear/The Pope – split 10″'

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  1. totalesturns said,

    Any chance we can get a re-upload of this? Your original mediafire upload seems to be the only place this entered MP3 form.

  2. Mogo said,

    done. still mediafire, but new link

  3. totalesturns said,

    Thanks! Much appreciated.

  4. Roberto Serangeli said,

    I have the 10″ vinyl, I’d like to have the mp3 for my iPod. The link doesn’t work, any way you can share it with me?

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