Sector 2814


Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on September 13, 2007

today I’m gonna go doom on your asses. and I’ll start here with what is, to the best of my knowledge, every recording made by short-lived and mostly-female NY doom/crust quartet, 13. during their relatively short tenure they did split 7″s with the likes of Eyehategod and Grief and appeared on a few comps, with pretty much all of it coming out on vinyl (someone should give their vinyl output the CD treatment ala Eyehategod‘s “Southern Discomfort” or Grief‘s “Turbulent Times” – Southern Lord, are you listening?). I remember practically wearing out my copy of the “Bound” 7″… those with memories as long as mine might also remember that for a brief period in the mid-90s, vocalist Alicia Morgan became editor of the infamous Metal Maniacs. anyway, until someone does collect this stuff on a CD release…

get it here

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