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V/A – East Village Other Electric Newspaper: Hiroshima Day – USA Vs Underground

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on September 3, 2007

before I go on a brief hiatus, one more treat for you folks. years back when I worked at a Toronto radio station, I ended up running into an older friend who’d moved into the city and getting him a job there as well. by this point he’d become a pretty serious record collector and ended up sharing this one with me (I recorded myself a copy of it on the station’s real-time CD-R recorder at the time). until I did some research on it yesterday, I had no idea how sought after this record was – most likely on account of the Velvet Underground contribution. it’s essentially a side-long sound collage… I’m led to believe that both sides must have been identical, because I had only ripped one 23-minute track to the CD-R I now have. anyway, without further preamble:

get it here