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39 Clocks!!!

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on August 13, 2007

a couple of kind people sent me or pointed to various places where I could find pretty much the entire discography of this band recently… so I figured, even though some of these albums are also posted on other fine blogs out there, that I would put it all together in one post to make it easier for others to find. there’s a fair bit of material – enough, I think, to make up for the fact that this will be today’s only post. thanks to Mario and especially Pig Nipples for providing me with the majority of these recordings:

first, Cold Steel to the Heart

next, the Pain It Dark LP

followed by the Subnarcotic LP

two singles: “Aspetando Godo” and “DNS

and finally, 13 More Protest Songs, which also includes a half-hour live radio performance by the group (placed in a seperate folder along with the artwork, since all of it combined was just a hair over the 100MB Mediafire limit)…


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  1. Gustav Bade said,

    Great and thanks a lot!

  2. Pierre le Coutre said,


  3. Ray said,


  4. Susan Becker said,

    You ROCK!!!

  5. sheerinertia said,

    Having trouble downloading the 2 singles you posted- can’t seem to pull up the Subnarcotic LP either- any chance you could redo these?

  6. jen said,

    Finally! THANK YOU!

  7. Laurent said,

    Great post, never heard about the band before. It reminds me of the early Jesus & Mary Chain, or better J&M Chain remind me of the 39 Clocks. The link for the live radio performance is dead. Any chance for a reupload? Thank you very much.
    Congratulations for your interesting blog.

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