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Temple – s.t.

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on July 28, 2007

re-ripped with scans of the art this time, so I thought it deserved a fresh post. the liners don’t specifically list Genesis as performer or producer, but with all of the obvious pseudonyms mentioned, he was maybe trying to hide his involvement. to be honest, at times another thought has crossed my mind about this release: the production seems to be unusually top notch for the period, enough so that I’ve wondered if some people didn’t get together in the studio during the mid-90s krautrock revival and decide to put together a “hidden gem” that they would later mysteriously “unearth”… the other theory is that it happened when it says it happened and was kept under wraps during the 80s, because none of these “industrial giants” wanted to cop to their “hippie” roots…

anyway, get it here

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  1. […] get it here (re-posted) […]

  2. Curious Guy said,

    Someone told me that Sun Dial is behind all those Ps-Fi releases.

  3. Mogo said,

    hmmm… would make some sort of sense I suppose…

  4. haz said,

    thanks for the artwork too!, I found another psi fi release, “Pyramid” here if your keen (and don’t have):

    and “Nazgul” as well at this site:
    MP3 ->
    Password ->

    Thanks again!

  5. Mogo said,

    thanks! I didn’t have the Pyramid album yet, looking forward to hearing it. I’ve had the Nazgul album for a while – I didn’t post it mainly b/c it wasn’t much my cup of tea personally… not terrible, just not a favorite…

    if there’s any interest, I can rip and post some of my other Psi-Fi discs (Cozmic Corridors, Galactic Explorers, etc)…

  6. haz said,

    I’m always keen to hear other Psi fi discs! would love to hear the other artist(s) work!

  7. Mogo said,

    ok… I had something unrelated already lined up for tomorrow, but the Psi-Fi discs and other realted posts will come on Friday… and more on Sunday. stay tuned!

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