Sector 2814

Crash Worship

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on July 14, 2007

two releases here from these percussive madmen: “Triplemania II” (1992) and the “Pyru” 7″ (1994) which were both released on the Charnel Music label. “Triplemania II” is out of print. the 7″ is still available – it’s included here as a bonus for the vinyl-impaired (I’ve had my copy for over a decade but been unable to spin it anytime recently) – but if you’re vinyl capable, it’s only $3 USD to get it from the label (scroll down the left sidebar of the above link to the singles section and click on the title).

and the music is here

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  1. […] do our first Z-Share “test run” with this replacement link for the Crash Worship post. let me know how it […]

  2. jonathan said,

    hey might it be possible to reup this? zshare doesnt seem to want to work. thanks!

  3. Mogo said,

    it might be possible… have to look through back-up discs or see if i can get a temperamental external HD to co-operate though, so it might take some time

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