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The Veil – “Surrender”

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on July 8, 2007

a bit of a personal story behind this one. in the mid-90s, I was making regular weekly visits to the store of a collector/DJ friend who ran the place (this is the same guy who got hold of the 50 Ft. Hose album for me). at the time, I was mostly interested in/purchasing experimental, psych and free jazz albums. at one point I was looking through his vinyl selection and he said “you like some goth stuff right?”… “well yeah,” I said, “but mostly the earlier british ‘batcave’ type stuff”. he said “ok, right. you should get this then” and handed me a copy of this album with a $5 price tag on it. The Veil – “Surrender”. I figured for $5 it couldn’t hurt. took it home, played it, and the rest is history.

being vinyl impaired, I haven’t been able to play my copy in quite some time, so I found this on soulseek a while back. while making my plans for this post yesterday, I googled it and came across the excellent Phoenix Hairpins blog, who posted this last November. still going to post it here, but this is just the tip of the iceberg of what they have available over there. if you like the ‘batcave’ style goth and enjoy today’s posts, I highly recommend that you also pay them a visit and fill your hard drive up a bit more. in the meantime,

get this gem here

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