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Friction/Contortions/Teenage Jesus… live

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on May 25, 2007

in the earlier Friction posts I mentioned some gigs that Reck had played in the US as a member of The Contortions and Teenage Jesus… here are some recordings of those gigs. one of each band with Reck and a third one to bring us full circle: James Chance of The Contortions playing with Teenage Jesus. keep in mind that these gigs happened in the late 70s and were likely captured on portable cassette decks – the sound quality certainly suggests this to be the case.

The Contortions with Reck here

Teenage Jesus with Reck here

Teenage Jesus with James Chance here

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  1. limbo said,

    Wow ! I just dicover yr blog… a lot of great posts, thanks !

    Unfortunately the third part here seems to be no longer active on mediafire – could you repost it ?!

  2. […] third link from this Friction/Contortions/Teenage Jesus post is also […]

  3. limbo said,

    Thanks !

  4. wildflowersoul said,

    Wow! Thank you so much. Live at Max’s with James Chance is awesome,I always loved their “PRE” EP, recorded with James too, so I was very glad to find this one.

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