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Yona Kit – s/t

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on May 24, 2007

collaboration between K.K. Null and Jim O’Rourke, released on Skin Graft in the mid 90s. Null’s influence on the proceedings is far more apparent than O’Rourke’s… a good thing in my view, YMMV of course.

get it here

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  1. […] of did another album as well, with KK Null of Zeni Geva – which i posted AGES ago – under the name Yona Kit. so ultimately this leaves me having to begrudgingly admit that, although i never quite understood […]

  2. Lucky said,

    thx for this!! i bought brise-glace’s cd back in the 90s, and never found anything similar. i didn’t know anything about yona kit, till you mentioned it at your brise-glace post.

    thanks for sharing!

    p.s.: quite stunning that 2007 link to mediafire is still active… 😉 cheers

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