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O-Type – “Western Classics”

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on May 23, 2007

excellent release of soundtrack-ambient style material from this MX-80 offshoot.

get it here

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  1. […] group (incidentally, I had posted a semi-recent outing from their alter-ego/other project O-Type quite some time ago, but never anything by the band […]

  2. […] and don’t forget the excellent release I posted eons ago by MX-80 side-project O-Type […]

  3. Donut Duck said,

    How cool is that?! I’m a big MX80 fan and i am glad to find an O-Type album i do not have and never saw before. Thanks alot!


  4. Hector Clam said,

    I’d never make the connection between this and MX-80.
    This is great!

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