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Friction – s/t

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on May 21, 2007

although the actual title of this release has been debated, the copy I bought does not refer to it by any other name (unless it does so in the Japanese text, which I cannot read). regardless what it’s actually called though, this is first-rate no-wave of the highest magnitude and easily one of my favorite records. Reck, bassist from this band, spent some time in NY during the late 70s playing gigs as a member of both The Contortions and Teenage Jesus and the Jerks (I may even eventually get around to posting some of these gigs for your consumption if there is any interest – so let me know if there is any interest in such things). following his stateside adventures, he returned to his home country and started a band in a similar style that easily eclipsed the efforts of his American collaborators (as the Japanese are wont to do). not much more needs to be said, but this album definitely needs to be heard.

get it here

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  1. […] “You Can Tell” 7″, a live set from 1979 and some early demos. if you liked the self-titled and “Skin Deep“ albums of theirs I posted earlier, there’s more of the same […]

  2. Mars said,

    Yep. This stuff is amazing. Eighties No Wave with kraut-ish moments. REAL SWEET. Thanks SO MUCH.

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