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101 Crustaceans – “Songs of Resignation”

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on May 21, 2007

although they do have a web presence, the info there-in seems to conflict with what I had heard earlier. a friend told me that Johnathan Kane of Swans fame was involved with this band, but I can’t seem to find any evidence of this being the case, presently or otherwise. regardless, it seems they have been around on the NY art/noise/rock/etc scene for something like 20 years and, while they constantly play live, have only two recordings to their name. one of those is an apparently incredibly rare live CD, the other is this cassette. in terms of what it sounds like, let’s just say that anyone into no-wave and the downtown NY scene in general should appreciate this. it’s catchier than that might suggest though: leading track “I Love Space” often gets stuck in my head for days at a time.

get it here

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  1. Brad said,

    Is there any chance of this being reloaded? There was an article on Salon about this group (and its leader’s solo work, none of which was been recorded except for Songs of Resignation). It must be monstrous.

  2. Brad said,

    Wow, thanks!

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