Sector 2814

Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on February 28, 2007

Sun Cty Girls – “Horse Cock Phepner”: revisiting this 1987 classic in light of the recent passing of Charles Gocher (R.I.P.) serves as a reminder of why SCG have no peers in the music world… with the occassional exception of Thinking Fellers Union Local 282. they threw just about every oddball musical niche you can think of – surf punk, world musics, avant-whatever, free-improv, etc – into a chaotic stew that felt like it could boil over at any minute. on this particular album, the vulgarity combined with political commentary reached new heights not just for the band, but in general, with lyrical content that would make both the Dead Kennedys and the Dayglo Abortions proud. this stands beside “Kaliflower”, “Torch of the Mystics” and the self-titled first LP as one of the top albums of their ridiculously prolific career.

Sigh – “Scenario IV (Dead Dreams)”: with Sigh having been one of my favorite black-metal bands since I first heard their classic “Infidel Art” in the mid-90s, I was compelled to return to them again to see what they had offered on later efforts. listening to “Scenario…” has re-affirmed my former opinion of them. I had always enjoyed their sense of adventurousness when compared to the majority of their brethren and this album amply demonstrates those same tendencies. amidst the standard black metal sound herein, one also hears the incorporation of keyboards (without the lame “gothic-aria” trappings that so many of todays BM bands fall into), jazz piano, funk breakdowns and other soundtrack-worthy material. with black metal becoming an increasingly repetetive and overcrowded genre, its contenders might do well to look back to Sigh for a perfect example of how to elevate the genre above its trappings and keep it interesting.

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