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Posted in Uncategorized by Mogo on February 18, 2007

Bonadge Fruit – “I”, “II” and “III (Recit)”: in my first post I was chanting a little mantra: google is your friend ad infinitum… maybe I should have said this: is your friend… is your friend… it actually helped me find out more than I knew about Bondage Fruit when I first started listening to them a few days ago. I found out about them via the info page on the Tzadik site for Rovo‘s “Tonic” double CD, where it mentions that Rovo is a Japanese supergroup of sorts, containing former members of Boredoms, Omoide Hatoba… and Bondage Fruit, among others. all of the other bands mentioned are favorites of mine, so I pretty much had to hear Bondage Fruit. and they are (or I should say were, since they’re no longer together) every bit as awesome as their musical brethren would suggest. their entry: describes them as “fusing together various musical styles from rock to experimental to ethnic”… which is a good part of the picture. it goes on to say that the albums get more aggressive as they go along, which is also true for the most part. the first two albums have the same supremely-blissful vibe as the Boredoms two masterpieces, “Vision Creation Newsun” and “Super Ae,” but take the tribal drumming from those albums and fuse it with more straight-ahead rock guitar in some spots. Bondage Fruit‘s incorporation of violin and vibraphone to the instrumentation also gives (gave) their material a slight feel of some Cuneiform/ReR artists like 5UUs and the like, especially on the earlier albums. apparently they became far more improv-based on the later releases, and that certainly shows in the progression from one album to the next. to summarize, I really don’t know how this band escaped my notice before now… but better late than never I suppose, since all 3 of these albums are fast becoming new favorites.

part two:

 Demi Semi Quaver – “I” and “II”: what’s with all these old Japanese bands with sequentially-numbered, otherwise-self-titled albums? actually, that may not be entirely accurate in this case, considering the files for both albums are labelled “Track 01” “Track 02” etc with no “metadata” info, so I don’t have much to go on. a lot less on the web about these guys too. this is yet another band that is touted as having contributed members to Rovo in the same Tzadik description I referred to in the Bondage Fruit review, so in light of that it’s another band I was eager to hear. since listening, I’ve been trying to put my finger on a description for them. one of the few things I did turn up on a google search on them is another review, which more or less nailed it: not quite as chaotic as Space Streakings but a little more chaotic than, say Omoide Hatoba. one thing both albums have more of than either band is a more consitent solid groove as a backbone to all the chaos. oh, and a female vocalist. all of which adds up to some pretty enjoyable listening, if you’re into this sort of thing. even the kids were dancing to it a bit. of course, now I have to make it up to them by sitting through their favorite Puffy Ami Yumi songs for the billionth time… but Demi Semi Quaver will be back on the stereo sooner than later.

 ok, I think we’re done for today… so unless I get a chance to listen to anything else later on, see ya next time.

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  1. Jim said,

    Super Roots 6 is great.

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